Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Two Mountaineers Recreate NASA’s Twin Study on Mount Everest




The most intriguing early results suggest Scott Kelly experienced changes in the expression of thousands of genes; earlier this year, NASA reported that 7% of them—related to immune function, DNA repair, bone formation, and his body’s response to insufficient oxygen and abnormally high carbon dioxide levels in the blood—remained some 6 months after his return to Earth.


New Insights –Into the Complexity of the Human Brain

Glia_and_neurons (1)


Indeed, the cerebral cortex in the human brain, which is accountable for high cognitive functions such as language, memory and movement, contains approximately 16 billion neurons – the cerebral cortex of a mouse contains around 14 million neurons. Similarly, the brain of a mouse weighs around 400 mg whereas a human brain weighs roughly 1,500,000 mg.