Solar Sleuths Solve 60-Year-Old Mystery of Sun’s Magnetic Waves

Sun's Chromosphere


“This new research opens the door to providing a new understanding of the mystery surrounding the Sun’s magnetic waves. This is a crucial step towards explaining the coronal heating problem—where the temperature a few thousand kilometers from the surface—is hotter than the heat source itself,” said Dr. Ben Snow, from the University of Exeter and a co-author of a new study that led to the ground-breaking discovery of why the Sun’s magnetic waves strengthen and grow as they emerge from its surface, which could help to solve the mystery of how the corona of the Sun maintains its multi-million degree temperatures.


The Galaxy Report –“Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea to Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos”

Saturn's South Pole Aurora


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The Oumuamua Paradox –“We Have Slim Chance of Distinguishing ET Artifacts from Natural Celestial Objects”

ESO Observatories Chile


British physicist Stephen Wolfram believes extraterrestrial intelligent life is inevitable, but with a caveat. Although intelligent life is inevitable, we will never find it -at least not by searching in the Milky Way. Wolfram points out that in order to compress more and more information into our communication signals – be they mobile phone conversations or computer- we remove all redundancy or pattern. If anything in a signal repeats, then it can be deleted. But this process of removing any pattern from a signal makes the signal look more and more random – in fact, pretty much like the random radio “noise” that rains down on Earth coming from stars and interstellar gas clouds.


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Dark Energy Survey



Planet Earth Report –“Alien Metals to Life is Electric”


Earth from ISS


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“Pac-Man Black Hole Mergers” –Could Explain Origins of the Cosmic Web of Galaxies

Black Hole accretion disk


“This could be a unique way of probing the physics around these supermassive black holes in a way that could not be probed in any other way,” said theoretical gravitational wave astrophysicist, Rochester Institute of Technology’s Assistant Professor Richard O’Shaughnessy, about simulations that could explain the origins of back hole mergers. “It offers unique insight into how the centers of galaxies grow, which is of course essential to understanding how galaxies as a whole grow, which explains most of the structure in the universe.”