The Twitter Report –“Seeing Through the Big Bang to Shape-Shifting Cosmos”

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Today’s insights and commentary from the world’s leading scientist’s Twitter and YouTube postings on astronomy, physics, biology, evolution, SETI, cosmology, genetics, and climate change.


“Alien Evolution” –Advanced Life Will Mirror Homo Sapiens

Prometheus Movie


Scientists are making predictions about the biological make-up of advanced, complex aliens, offering a degree of insight as to what they might look like. In Ridley Scott’s movie Prometheus stunning opening, the Engineer, the blue muscle-bound alien, mirrors a modern human, standing by the waterfall drinking black goo to break down his genetic structure and spread life on Earth through his DNA. What we see is the beginning is the creation of Earth. The giant ship has landed on early Earth to drop off the Engineer to terraform the planet and make it sustainable for life.


“The Novacene Hypothesis” –Coming Eon of Human Hyperintelligence

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“We must abandon the politically and psychologically loaded idea that the Anthropocene is a great crime against nature,” says James Lovelock, creator of Gaia theory –Earth-as-superorganism– who argues that the Anthropocene era of human influence over the planet is coming to an end and that an age of superintelligent beings is about to begin. “The truth is that, despite being associated with mechanical things, the Anthropocene is a consequence of life on Earth. It is a product of evolution; it is an expression of nature.”


“The Preview” –Earth’s Spontaneous Chemical Alignment 4 Billion Years Ago

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The preview: When Earth was a lifeless planet in the Hadean Eon about 4 billion years ago, chemical components came together in tiny molecular chains that would later evolve into proteins, crucial life building blocks. A new study has shown how fortuitously some early predecessors of protein may have fallen into line.


“Radius of Doom” –The Secret History of Earth’s Supernova Impacts

Double Supernova


“Life on Earth does not proceed in isolation. In addition to being Earthlings, we’re citizens of a larger cosmos, and sometimes the cosmos intrudes on our lives,” says astronomer Brian Fields of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 1996, his theoretical predictions sparked a new branch of astronomy –supernova archaeology. “In addition to being Earthlings, we’re citizens of a larger cosmos, and sometimes the cosmos intrudes on our lives.”


Planet Earth Report –“Huge Unknown Asteroid Shock to Antarctica’s Ghost Base”

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