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NASA’s ENIGMA -‘We Have Found the Building Blocks of Life’

Enceladus Moon of Saturn


“NASA’s  ENIGMA  (Evolution of Nanomachines In Geospheres and Microbial Ancestors)  research team,” biophysicist Paul Falkowski told The Daily Galaxy, “is focused on answering a single, compelling question in astrobiology: How did proteins evolve to become the predominant catalysts of life on Earth?”


Last Week’s Top 5 Space & Science Headlines –”Vestiges of a Prior Universe to Darwin’s Extraterrestrials”




Extraterrestrial Life –“Is Earth the ‘Standard Model’ for the Universe?”


Advanced Alien Life


By the end of this century, says astrophysicist Martin Rees, we should be able to ask whether or not we live in a multiverse, and how much variety of the laws of physics its constituent ‘universes’ display. The answer to this question, says Rees, “will determine how we should interpret the ‘biofriendly’ universe in which we live (sharing it with any aliens with whom we might one day make contact).”


Alien Habitats –“They Could Be Just About Anywhere”


Bok Globules


“Judging by the history of life on Earth and the possible futures we think we can see coming, it is indeed quite possible that most, or effectively all, civilizations in the universe are comprised of machine intelligences,” wrote astrobiologist David Grinspoon in an email to The Daily Galaxy


The Red Queen Phenomenon –“No One Species has an Advantage on a Planet Where 99% Have Gone Extinct”



“The fact that all organisms are nearly equally fit has profound implications for the evolution and persistence of life on Earth,” said James H. Brown, a physiological ecologist at the University of New Mexico, referring to a “New Evolutionary Law” proposed by evolutionary theorist and paleobiology pioneer, Leigh Van Valen