“What Resides Within?” Hubble’s Epic Image of the Triangulum Galaxy

This wide-field view shows the Triangulum Galaxy — also known as Messier 33 — as seen from the ground. The extent of the new huge mosaic created with the NASA/ESA Hubble


The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope  image of the Triangulum Galaxy, a spiral galaxy located at a distance of only three million light-years, inspires the question: “What amazing life forms reside there?” The NASA/ESA Hubble image is the most detailed image yet of a close neighbor of the Milky Way —  This panoramic survey of the third-largest galaxy in our Local Group of galaxies shown below provides a mesmerizing view of the 40 billion stars that make up one of the most distant objects visible to the naked eye.


New Habitable Kepler World –“Human Eyes Found It Hidden in the Data”

Neptune Exoplanet


NASA’s Kepler Mission K2 team announced the discovery of another new world today, two months after the Kepler spacecraft ran out of fuel on Oct. 30th, and ended its mission after nine years, during which it discovered 2,600 confirmed planets around other stars – the bulk of those now known – along with thousands of additional candidates astronomers are working to confirm.


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Planet Earth Report–“Dark Overlord Decrypts 9/11 to Earth’s Biggest Secrets in 2019”


9/11 Attack


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the days’ headlines on the science, discoveries, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


“Odd Signals” –Inside Story of China’s Search for Alien Life


Alien Signals


China’s FAST radio telescope, with a dish the size of 30 football fields, measuring 500 meters in diameter, dwarfing Puerto Rico’s 300-meter Arecibo Observatory, will launch its astronomers into the nation’s role as the new space superpower cinched with its epic landing of the Chang’e-4 Rover this week on the Moon’s far side. FAST could double the known pulsar tally of 2,000, says Peng Bo, FAST’s deputy manager and acting observatory director. It’s also ideal for mapping gas clouds between stars and for listening for signals from alien civilizations.


“Will China Claim Ownership?” Plants its Flag on Moon’s Far Side (A 2018 Most Viewed)


Chang’e-4 Rover


With China’s epic Chang’e-4 Rover landing yesterday at the Von Kármán crater in Aitken Basin –the craggy and complex terrain of the lunar south pole region- on the Moon’s Far Side, will the planet’s new space superpower claim ownership? It’s a geopolitical question that could change the history of the 21st Century, and beyond.


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