“Magic Islands” –Titan’s Very Weird Lakes


Lakes of Saturn's Titan


“The more we learn about Titan, the more we learn that we can’t ignore the lakes,” said Kendra Farnsworth, a planetary scientist at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and lead author of the new study that explains how bubbles erupt in frigid hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn’s largest moon Titan made up of methane and ethane, potentially creating fizz violent enough to form unusual geologic features.


The Galaxy Report –“Astronaut’s Map for Saturn’s Titan to New Search for Extraterrestrials”


ESO Observatories Chile


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“Great Oxidation Event” –A Story of Volcanoes, Tectonics and Bacteria Unique to Earth?

Great Oxidation Event


“Most people think the rise of oxygen was linked to cyanobacteria, and they are not wrong,” said James Eguchi, a NASA postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Riverside who led a new study suggesting that the first burst of oxygen was added by a spate of volcanic eruptions brought about by tectonics. “The emergence of photosynthetic organisms could release oxygen. But the most important question is whether the timing of that emergence lines up with the timing of the Great Oxidation Event. As it turns out, they do not.”


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