Are the Laws of Physics Evolving to We’re About to Unlock the Universe’s Secrets (The Galaxy Report)

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An amazing week in our Universe, with stories ranging from Nobel Prize winners on their hopes for the JWST to 11 unsolved mysteries of the Cosmos to it’s no longer a question of “if” but “when” we encounter alien life, and more.


Evolution May Be a Cosmic Universal to the New Search for Alien Tech (The Galaxy Report)


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The Universe has showered us with amazing, thought-provoking headlines this week, from why alien hunters have spent 60 years finding new solutions for the Drake Equation to the biggest “Oh No” moment in the Solar System to humanity’s unlikely gateway to space.


Hunt for Alien Life Top Priority for U.S. Astronomers to Strange Object at Andromeda’s Center (The Galaxy Report) 


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The Cosmos yielded another week of  intriguing news from the origins of gravity may explain the existence of dark energy and the accelerating expansion of our Universe to NASA’s 7-step plan to confirm if we’ve actually discovered alien life.

“The Biological Cosmos”–Complex Carbon Molecules Form Spontaneously in Space

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What is so special about carbon is that it’s doubtful (although possible) that life could have used something other than carbon. Each carbon atom can form four strong bonds that allow for an extraordinary variety of long-chain molecules, notably proteins, lipids, sugars and DNA, according to evolutionary biologist, Anthony Lane in The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution, and the Origin of Complex Life. Silicon, for example, can’t manage anything  close to this complexity. 


In Search of Dark Energy –Probing 11-Billion Years of Cosmic History


Dark Energy


Astronomers may soon have the answer to what is perhaps the greatest mystery of modern science –is dark energy a uniform force across space and time, or has its strength evolved over eons?


Terra Incognita -What Lies Beyond the Observable Universe?

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It’s possible that the universe isn’t uniform past what we can see, and conditions are wildly different from place to place, says Caltech astrophysicist Sean Carroll. “That possibility is the cosmological multiverse. We don’t know if there is a multiverse in this sense, but since we can’t actually see one way or another, it’s wise to keep an open mind.”