Alien Octopus Hypothesis (YouTube Video)



Could one of Earth’s most intelligent species be an alien, ‘seeded’ on the planet by an interstellar genetic code? Scientists speculate that the clue might be found in the ancient precursor to life: RNA.



The Search for Life Not as We Know It

Advanced Alien Life


NASA’s mantra is that we should be open to search for life not as we know it.  Arik Kershenbaum at the University of Cambridge and author of The Zoologists Guide to The Galaxy believes that “the bizarre and the unexpected – aliens made of gas, or with properties and abilities we’ve never dreamed of – are always possible, but they will always be rare.” 


If Aliens Exist Here’s Where We’ll Find Them to The Year in Physics (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from Space


Another week of amazing news from our Pale Blue Dot, with stories ranging from strange things are happening at the outer edges of our solar system to plants feel pain and might even see to a  wrinkle in nature could lead to alien life.


Are Humans an Anomaly? –“The Galaxy Report” YouTube Channel

ESO Observatories Wikimedia Commons


Is information at the core of life in the Universe? Are we humans an anomaly? Join narrator, Nicole Butscher on this week’s journey of discovery from the emergence of the human “dataome” –a world of bits built of and for information, which was like a sudden invasion by extraterrestrials, or an asteroid impact that precipitates a mass extinction–to the discovery of what astronomers think is the first planet beyond the Milky Way (or is it something more interesting), and more.


Biology of Other Worlds — Are There Universal Properties of Life?


Origin of Life


In Reinventing the Sacred, Stuart Kaufman, theoretical biologist and emeritus professor of biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, who studies the origin of life on Earth, observes: “There is a world beyond physics. Given continuous spacetime, there are a second-order infinity of possible histories of the biosphere. We are agents who alter the unfolding of the universe.”


Scientists Warn of Extraterrestrial Microbial Invasion to How Dangerous is COVID Mutant B.1.1.529 (Planet Earth Report)

Earth Exists Inside an Enormous Cosmic Tunnel to Evidence for a New Physics? (Planet Earth Report)


News from our Pale Blue Dot for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend: from the “telescope that ate astronomy” to what “Impossible” meant to the legendary physicist, Richard Feynman to black-hole bubbles that could swallow to Universe to poaching triggers the evolution of tuskless elephants to tech companies ‘don’t get’ science-fiction.