How the Space Economy Will Change the World to Conscious Artificial Intelligence? (Planet Earth Report)


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Has Milky Way’s Twin Been Discovered to Will Artificial Intelligence Reveal New Laws of Physics? (The Galaxy Report)

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Why We Have Not Detected a Signal From an Alien Civilization




Is there a fundamental flaw in why we have not received a signal from an advanced alien civilization? How do we decode an alien message –alien is alien so it might be impossible. What if they communicate chemically? Will they use the language of math and science signaling at 1420 megahertz? What if we are too primitive to comprehend a message or the technology of its signal that may exist in a form beyond matter? What if it’s a message from an extinct civilization astrophysicist such as Harvard’s Avi Loeb believes exist in our galaxy? Or, as John Gertz suggests for Scientific American, maybe the aliens are already in our solar system, probably in the form of robotic probes.


Will AI Reveal Extraterrestrial Intelligence Far Beyond Our Level of Consciousness?


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“Machine learning provides a way of providing almost human-like intuition to huge data sets.  One valuable application is for tasks where it’s difficult to write a specific algorithm to search for something—human faces, for instance, or perhaps “something strange,” wrote astrophysicist and Director of the Penn State University Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center, Jason Wright in an email to The Daily Galaxy. “In this case, you can train a machine-learning algorithm to recognize certain things you expect to see in a data set,” Wright explains, “and ask it for things that don’t fit those expectations, or perhaps that match your expectations of a technosignature.  


Earth’s Moon Formed in Hours to Do Black Holes Hide a Mind-Bending Secret About Our Universe? (Planet Earth Report)


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