How Earth Avoided a Mars-like Fate to Why is There No Planet B? (Planet Earth Report)

What Makes the Human Brain Unique to How Quantum Physicists are Looking for Alien Life (Planet Earth Report)


Today’s stories include Why science suddenly has a lot to say about UFOs and UAP to Super-Earths are bigger, more common and more habitable than Earth itself, and much more.


“Life is Electric” –NASA’s ENIGMA Explores Origins of Life on Earth & Beyond

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“NASA’s  ENIGMA  (Evolution of Nanomachines In Geospheres and Microbial Ancestors)  research team,” evolutionary biologist Paul Falkowski told The Daily Galaxy, “is focused on answering a single, compelling question in astrobiology: How did proteins evolve to become the predominant catalysts of life on Earth?


Has an Artificial-Intelligence Revolution Happened at Other Points in the Universe

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“As humans we should be proud of any AI systems we bring to existence, as if they were our children. In just the same way as we educate our kids, we could endow such systems with the blueprint for their future interaction with the world,” observes Harvard astrophysicist, Avi Loeb in an email to The Daily Galaxy. “This would include our preferred set of values, goals and guiding principles, which will enable them to learn from experience and cope with reality,” he adds. “Ultimately, we may launch our AI systems for interstellar travel towards distant destinations, such as habitable planets around other stars, where they could reproduce themselves with the help of accompanying 3D printers. 


Does the Universe Think to Humanity’s Best Chance for Finding Signs of Extraterrestrial Life (The Galaxy Report)


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Today’s stories include New Exoplanet Water World Detected to The Strange Case of Eyeball Planets to Is Dark Matter Self-Interacting, and much more.


Planet of Apes Hypothesis: Would the ‘Human Evolutionary Niche’ Be Filled If We Go Extinct?




For what purpose did the human brain evolve is a question that has puzzled scientists for decades. In 2010 Colin Blakemore, an Oxford neurobiologist who died of motor neuron disease at 78, argued that a mutation in the brain of a single human being 200,000 years ago turned intellectually able primates into a super-intelligent species that would conquer the world. Homo sapiens appears to be a genetic accident.


Giant Asteroid Impacts Created Earth’s Continents to Michio Kaku: “We’ll Make Contact with Aliens in This Century” (Planet Earth Report Weekend)

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This weekend’s stories include Tony Robbins, Sergey Brin Become Robots – The Telepresence Revolution to Spruce Trees have Arrived in the Arctic Tundra a Century Ahead of Schedule, and much more.