Heard in the Milky Way –“Homo Sapiens as Spaceships”

Heard in the Milky Way


This week’s “Heard in the Milky Way” episode, narrated by dailygalaxy.com founder, Val Landi, takes you on a journey with two stories that change our knowledge of Planet Earth, our Galaxy, and the vast cosmos beyond. 



Heard in the Milky Way –“Exotic Objects at Milky Way’s Center to China’s Warning of Alien Contact”


Heard in the Milky Way --"Exotic Objects at Milky Way's Center to China's Warning of Alien Contact"


Today’s YouTube episode of The Galaxy Report with two stories that alter our knowledge of planet Earth, our galaxy and the vast cosmos beyond. The first  is a journey to the center of the Milky Way and the detection of strange, exotic objects by the UCLA Galactic Center Group. The second, a chilling warning from China’s philosopher of alien civilizations, science-fiction author Liu Cixin.


Heard in the Milky Way –“A Renewed Cosmic Perspective to Life in Europa’s Ocean” (YouTube Episode)


Heard in the Milky Way --"A Renewed Cosmic Perspective to Life in Europa's Ocean" (YouTube Episode)


This YouTube episode of Heard in the Milky Way covers the possibilities of the coronavirus pandemic providing the human species with a renewed cosmic perspective that mirrors Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot speech to the very real possibility of life in the global ocean of Jupiter’s Europa to an epic Stone Age voyage of discovery and never-before seen viruses buried in a Tibetan Glacier.


Heard in the Milky Way –“Pandemics from Space to Earth’s Missing Time” (YouTube Episode)


"Beyond Weird" --Extraterrestrial Life From Virus to Dark Matter (YouTube Episode)


Ten headline stories from Planet Earth, the Milky Way and the Cosmos Beyond…



Heard In the Milky Way –“Spaceship on Earth 3 Billion Years Ago to Pentagon’s UFO Chief”


ESO Observatories Chile


Check out today’s eclectic coverage of programs broadcast and streamed on the (occasionally “far side”) state of affairs on our pale blue dot, signaling our existence to possible exo-civilizations.

“FM signals and those of broadcast television travel out to space at the speed of light. Any eavesdropping alien civilization will know all about our TV programs (probably a bad thing), will hear all our FM music (probably a good thing), and know nothing of the politics of AM talk-show hosts (probably a safe thing).” –Neil deGrasse Tyson, Death By Black Hole