Exoplanet Discovered Three-Times the Mass of Jupiter

Jupiter-Like Exoplanet


“This planet is unlike the planets in our solar system, but more than that, it is unlike any other exoplanets we have discovered so far,” says Caltech’s Sarah Blunt about a planet discovered with three times the mass of Jupiter that travels on a long, slingshot-shaped path around its star.


“New Clues” -Causes of Enigmatic Fast Radio Bursts Remain Unknown

Quasar FRB


“We still have no new clue on whether the origin is artificial or natural,” said Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb about fast radio bursts (FRBs), one of the great astrophysical mysteries. In a rare feat, Caltech researchers have caught a new burst, called FRB 190523, pinpointing its origins to a galaxy 7.9 billion light-years away.