“Ultima Thule” –Nazi Legacy Lurks at Farthest Reaches of Our Solar System


New Horizons Ultima Thule


A dark legacy of the Nazi Era looms far beyond Pluto in the cold outermost reaches of our solar system. Earlier this week we reported that NASA’s New Horizons mission team published the first results of its New Year’s 2019 flyby of the farthest world ever explored, a planetary building block and Kuiper Belt object called Ultima Thule, also known less poetically as object 2014 MU69.


“At The Edge of the Known World” –Ancient Kuiper-Belt Object Hints At Our Origins

Ultima Thule


“We’re looking into the well-preserved remnants of the ancient past,” said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado about Ultima Thule. “There is no doubt that the discoveries made about Ultima Thule are going to advance theories of solar system formation.