The Oumuamua Spacecraft Hypothesis –Harvard’s Avi Loeb Responds to the World’s Media

“Only a fraction of the interstellar objects might be technological debris of alien civilizations. But we should examine anything that enters the Solar System from interstellar space in order to infer the true nature of `Oumuamua or other objects of its mysterious population.”


“A Non-Story” –SETI Chief Astronomer on the National Solar Observatory Shutdown & Alien Conspiracy Theories


For the past two weeks, mysterious goings-on at a New Mexico solar observatory have been headline news. On Sept. 6, the Sunspot facility on Sacramento Peak in the southern part of the state, observes SETI senior astronomer, Seth Shostak, “was strung with yellow tape, and employees were sent home setting off alarm bells across the Internet: Had astronomers found a lethal solar flare, or even signs of alien life? And was there a government cover-up?”


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