Dark-Matter Storm is Speeding Toward Our Solar System



A strange dark-matter phenomenon is speeding towards the Sun at speeds of 500 kilometers per second according to a 2018 study led by theoretical physicist Ciaran O’Hare from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. Billions of years ago, a dwarf galaxy was shred apart by the extreme tidal forces of our larger Milky Way Galaxy. The remnant galaxy now forms a stream, called S1, that arcs around the halo of our Galaxy. The stream is composed of tens of thousands of visible stars, and also up to a billion solar masses of invisible dark matter.


Strange Dark-Matter Objects of the Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy


A strange dark matter phenomena is speeding towards the Sun at 500 kilometers per second. In September of 2018, a team of astronomers detected 10 billion solar masses worth of dark matter from an ancient dwarf galaxy, Gaia-Enceladus also dubbed the Sausage Galaxy, swallowed by the Milky Way billions of years ago carried along by a vast star stream that harbors our Solar System.