“Shape-Shifting Cosmos” — Physicists Seek the Question to Which the Universe is the Answer

Early Galaxy


In 2013, one of the leading particle physicists of his generation, Nima Arkani-Hamed at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton and Jaroslav Trnka, founding member of the Center for Quantum Mechanics and Physics, found that the amplitudes of certain particle collisions are encoded in the volume of a gem-like geometric object, which they named the amplituhedron, that makes reference to neither space nor time, raising metaphysical questions about the meaning of physics and the nature of reality


Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –‘Strange Link Between Human Mind and Quantum Physics to Pilgrim Grave Robbers’



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The Spooky Reality Behind the Quantum Universe –“We Haven’t a Clue What It Is”


“The world of quantum phenomena is full of paradoxes incomprehensible to human intuition and inexplicable to classical physics.”


Light of Ancient Quasars –“Unveil Quantum Phenomena Underlying Physics of the Universe”

“If some conspiracy is happening to simulate quantum mechanics by a mechanism that is actually classical, that mechanism would have had to begin its operations—somehow knowing exactly when, where, and how this experiment was going to be done—at least 7.8 billion years ago. That seems incredibly implausible, so we have very strong evidence that quantum mechanics is the right explanation,” says co-author Alan Guth, the Victor F. Weisskopf Professor of Physics at MIT.



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