Colossal Dying Star “Saved Earth from Being a Hostile Ocean World”

Extreme Ocean World


If a massive star in the birth environment of the Sun –a yellow G2 dwarf star, one of a trillion stars in the Milky Way–had not injected radioactive elements into the early solar system, our home planet could be a hostile ocean world covered in global ice sheets. Some astronomers now think that every Sun-like star has at least one ‘Earth like’ planet in the so-called ‘habitable zone’ around a star, the region where liquid water can exist.


“Safe Haven” –ALMA Observatory Unveils Earth-Like Planet Creation in Alien Star Systems

protoplanetary disk


Astronomers have long puzzled over a paradox of planet creation: once dusty bodies grow to about one centimeter in diameter the dynamics of a smooth protoplanetary disk would induce them to fall in on their host star, never acquiring the mass necessary to form potentially habitable planets like Mars, Venus, and Earth.