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Primordial Black Holes –“One May Be Lurking in Our Solar System”


Primordial Black Hole


On March 2, 2019 The Daily Galaxy reported that astronomers from the University of California concluded that there are probably tens of millions of enigmatic, dark objects, stellar-remnant black holes lurking in the Milky Way. Now, physicists are proposing that the long-sought for Planet Nine, an elusive dark body in the outer reaches of our solar system, may actually be a primordial black hole, theoretical remnants of the Big Bang, which could account for the odd orbits observed in the distant solar system.


“Absolutely Electrifying” –‘We Will Image Planet Nine Within the Next Decade’

Planet Nine


“At five Earth masses, Planet Nine is likely to be very reminiscent of a typical extrasolar super-Earth,” says Konstantin Batygin, an assistant professor of planetary science and Van Nuys Page Scholar at Caltech. Super-Earths are planets with a mass greater than Earth’s, but substantially less than that of a gas giant. “It is the solar system’s missing link of planet formation. Over the last decade, surveys of extrasolar planets have revealed that similar-sized planets are very common around other sun-like stars. Planet Nine is going to be the closest thing we will find to a window into the properties of a typical planet of our galaxy.”


“More Mystery” –Planet 9 May Actually Be a Gargantuan Disk



It’s possible that there could be a massive disc and a ninth planet, said Antranik Sefilian at Cambridge’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. “With the discovery of each new trans-Neptunian Object (TNO), we gather more evidence that might help explain their behavior.”