Evolution of Human ‘Super Brain’ –“Revealed by Our Closest Living Relative”

Human Brain


“These chimpanzee organoids give us an otherwise inaccessible window to six million years of our evolution. They let us ask new questions about what makes us human,” said Alex Pollen, assistant professor of neurology at UC San Francisco.


First Drawing Discovered in South Africa’s Blombos Cave –Signals Emergence of the Human Super Brain

“Before this discovery, Palaeolithic archaeologists have for a long time been convinced that unambiguous symbols first appeared when Homo sapiens entered Europe, about 40 000 years ago, and later replaced local Neanderthals,” says Christopher Henshilwood at the Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour and University of the Witwatersrand. “Recent archaeological discoveries in Africa, Europe and Asia, in which members of our team have often participated, support a much earlier emergence for the production and use of symbols.”