“Dinosaur Dust?” –NASA Revealing the Secrets of Untouched Apollo 17 Moon Rocks


Earth and Moon


Could there be dinosaur dust on the moon? The moon has been keeping secrets for billions of years, but we’ve had NASA samples of lunar regolith right here on Earth that haven’t even been looked at since they were brought back from the Apollo missions almost 50 years ago.


“Sizzling!” –WATCH Live Tomorrow: NASA’s Parker Probe Launch to Plunge into Within 4″ of the Sun’s Atmosphere



The first ever spacecraft to fly directly toward the Sun was poised to blast off today, on a mission to plunge into our star’s sizzling atmosphere and unlock the mysteries of the center of the solar system was scrubbed today due to a violation of a launch limit, resulting in a hold. There was not enough time remaining in the window to recycle.


What’s Inside NASA’s Sealed Apollo-Mission Moon Boxes? –“May Solve NASA’s Biggest Mysteries”


  AS16-114-18424-1024x340 (1)

In 1969, astronauts aboard the Apollo missions collected rocks and other geological samples from the surface of the moon, sealed them in special containers, and brought them safely back to Earth. According to Leonard David at Space.com, some of the boxes from Apollo 15, 16, and 17 have remained sealed for over 40 years, and now might be the time to unlock them and learn the secrets they hold.



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