Radio Signals Detected from Earliest Epoch of the Universe 

Moon Radio Signals


Faint ‘whispers’ from the Moon may unveil the the first billion years of the Universe’s evolution, which  has yet to be observed in detail. Very little is known about the first stars and galaxies that came into existence in this early period. One avenue to explore this epoch is to study the faint radio waves from neutral hydrogen atoms.


“Something Unexpected Going On” –Astronomers Tune In to Fast Radio Bursts Cosmic Frequency

Fast Radio Bursts


Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of the great mysteries of the cosmos. They are brief, bright flashes of radio waves that last a few milliseconds. Although thousands occur over the entire sky every day – only a couple dozen have ever been seen. Their origins remain a mystery, but among the possibilities are cataclysmic events such as the evaporation of black holes and collisions between neutron stars.