Mystery of the Milky Way’s Missing Alien Moons



Astrobiologists predict that alien moons may prove to be hotspots for life in the Milky Way. Rogue moons, dubbed “ploonets”, could explain several puzzling phenomena, not the least of which is why astronomers have so far confirmed the existence of at least 4098 exoplanets, but not a single alien moon.


“Alien Dust?” –Another Abruptly Dimming Star Detected: Similar to the “Most Mysterious Star in the Universe”



In 2016 a group of astronomers from Pennsylvania State University released a preprint that cited star KIC 8462852’s “bizarre light curve” as “consistent with” a swarm of alien-constructed megastructures. This ordinary F star soon went viral as “the most mysterious star in the universe,” as Yale astronomer Tabetha Boyajian described KIC 8462852, popularly known as Tabby’s star.