AI Unveils Two Alien Planet Signals Buried in Kepler Spacecraft Data

Kepler Spacecraft


The future of the AI, artificial-intelligence, algorithm concept for finding planets hidden in data sets looks bright. The algorithm developed by the University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with Google, can be used to probe the entire K2 data set of approximately 300,000 stars. The method is applicable to Kepler’s successor planet-hunting mission, TESS, which launched in April 2018.


“Good Day, Milky Way!” –Kepler Spacecraft Awakens to Begin Its ‘Campaign 19’ Habitable Planet Hunt

NASA’s Kepler space telescope, which has discovered more than 2,650 alien planets to date, has awakened yesterday, September 5, from it’s low-fuel induced sleep to resume making science observations again with Campaign 19, studying a variety of cosmic objects and events over a series of 80-day-long searches.


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