Evolution of Human ‘Super Brain’ –“Revealed by Our Closest Living Relative”

Human Brain


“These chimpanzee organoids give us an otherwise inaccessible window to six million years of our evolution. They let us ask new questions about what makes us human,” said Alex Pollen, assistant professor of neurology at UC San Francisco.


“Anticipating the Future” –‘The Human Brain is More Complex than Our Milky Way Galaxy’


The great British physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, has said that the human brain is more complex than the Milky Way Galaxy. “If you look at the entire physical cosmos, our brains are a tiny, tiny part of it. But they’re the most perfectly organized part.”


“It’s Always Unique and Changing” –Exciting New Discovery On How the Human Brain Experiences Time

Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience in Norway in have discovered a network of brain cells that expresses our sense of time within experiences and memories. “This network provides timestamps for events and keeps track of the order of events within an experience,” says Edvard Moser, Nobel laureate and director of the Kavli Institute, which is based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). This area of the brain where time is experienced is located right next to the area that codes for space.



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