“Dangerous Physics” –New Extreme Star System Not Seen Before in Milky Way (Weekend Feature)


NASA Gamma Ray Burst


A strange star system has been discovered about 8000 light years from Earth that harbors the first known candidate in the Milky Way to produce a dangerous gamma-ray burst, among the most explosive events in the universe. The discovery is a “ringside seat into beautiful and dangerous physics that we have not seen before in our galaxy.”


“Ghost Objects of the Cosmos” –Burst Into Existence Then Disappear a Decades-Long Afterglow


“We thought, ‘That was weird,'” said Casey Law, assistant research astronomer in the Department of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley. “Its peak brightness in the ’90s was quite high, so it was a big, big change: about a factor of 50 decrease in brightness. We basically went through every radio survey, every radio dataset we could find, every archive in the world to piece together the story of what happened to this thing.”



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