Could it Answer the Question: “Are We Alone?” –Profile of Exoplanet K2-18b 

NASA Exoplanets


In the 1980’S Carl Sagan observed that the human species had reached the shore of the cosmic ocean. A mere two decades ago, astronomers debated the existence of planets beyond our solar system. Today, astronomers estimate that an average of one to two planets orbit every star in the Milky Way –That’s an estimated 400 billion planets.  NASA recently confirmed that the number of discovered exoplanets just ticked past the 5,000 mark, representing a 30-year journey of discovery led by NASA space telescopes. In the absence of evidence, defying intuition and common sense, scientists continue to doubt he existence of life, either microbial or advanced, beyond our pale blue dot. Our scientific imagination, Einstein was fond of noting, is a preview of coming attractions.