“Mounting Suspense” –Over Consistent Detection of a Dark-Matter Signal

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“There is really no conclusion to be drawn at this point, other than mounting suspense,” says Juan Collar, a physicist at the University of Chicago who has worked on several dark-matter experiments about the fact that for more than two decades, only one experiment in the world has consistently reported detecting a signal of dark matter — the missing mass of the cosmos that physicists have long tried to identify. “But the instruments seem to have sufficient sensitivity to give conclusive results soon,” Collar adds.


Positron Annihilation into Dark Matter Experiment –“The Search for a 5th Force That Would Completely Change the Paradigm”

This month, scientists will turn on an instrument, the Positron Annihilation into Dark Matter Experiment (PADME), at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics near Rome, which is designed to hunt down a mysterious ‘dark force’ to explain the hidden realm of the cosmos –a fifth force that would “completely change the paradigm”.