The Human Super Brain –“Floats Like a Fish in an Aquarium”

Human Brain vs Great Apes


The great British physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, has famously said that the human brain is more complex than the Milky Way Galaxy. Our brain is about three times the size of the brains of great apes, allowing among other things, with the evolution of novel brain structures that enabled complex behaviors such as language and tool production. A new study by anthropologists at the University of Zurich now shows that changes in the brain occurred independent of evolutionary rearrangements of the braincase.


“Supernova Sapiens” –Earthly Infernos 8-Million Years Ago Led Proto-Humans to Walk Upright

Kepler Supernova


Scientists propose that a supernovae eight-million years ago created atmospheric ionization that triggered an enormous upsurge in cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, igniting forest fires around the globe. These infernos could be one reason ancestors of homo sapiens developed bipedalism—to adapt in savannas that replaced torched forests in northeast Africa leading proto-humans to walk on two legs, “eventually resulting in homo sapiens with hands free to build cathedrals, design rockets and snap iPhone selfies.”