Milky Way’s First-of-Its-Kind Nest of Massive Stars –“Poised for Most Powerful Explosion Since Big Bang”


Astronomers have discovered “a ringside seat into beautiful and dangerous physics that we have not seen before in our galaxy.” (more…)

“No One Can Find It” –None of the Universe’s Dark Matter Consists of Black Holes, or Any Similar Object



“We are back to the standard discussions. What is dark matter? Indeed, we are running out of good options,” said Uroš Seljak, a UC Berkeley professor of physics and astronomy and BCCP co-director. “This is a challenge for future generations.”


The Huge, Terrifying Idea That Explodes the Big Bang


“It probably bothered the first human beings who realized that the world was not just their local valley,” said Leonard Susskind, the Felix Bloch Professor in Physics at Stanford University. “It probably terrified them a little bit, but by now we’re used to the world getting bigger and bigger. The String Theory Landscape just says it’s way bigger than we thought.”


“The Eternal Universe?” –Astronomers Zero In On a Signal That Nixes the Big Bang


“Cosmologists have predicted the existence of an oscillating signal that could distinguish between cosmic inflation and alternative theories of the universe’s birth. “The question is whether one can test the entire [inflation] scenario, not just specific models,” said Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist and cosmologist at Harvard University. “If there is no guillotine that can kill off some theories, then what’s the point?”