From the Farside –“British Intelligence Services Feared China or Russia May Acquire UFO Technology”




“Even though they have been partly censored they can’t conceal the fact the UK military were interested in capturing UFO technology – or what they coyly refer to as ‘novel weapon technology’,” UFO expert  and acted as curator for The National Archives UFO project from 2008–13. Dr David Clarke told The Sun. “And the files reveal they were desperate to capture this technology – wherever it came from – before the Russians or the Chinese got hold of it first.”


From the Farside –“Alien Civilizations May Corral Stars As Energy Sources to Survive in an Expanding Universe”

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The presence of dark energy in our universe is causing space to expand at an accelerating rate,  observes Dan Hooper, a senior scientist with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. As a result, over the next approximately 100 billion years, all stars residing beyond the Local Group will fall beyond the cosmic horizon and become not only unobservable, but entirely inaccessible, thus limiting how much energy could one day be extracted from them.


From the Farside: “The Most Controversial Secret on Earth” –Why UFOs are Now a Serious News Story





“You’ve seen it without knowing it. Remember that wild news in December about a secret Pentagon UFO program? And those grainy military videos showing radar images of unexplained phenomena — white, Tic-Tac-shaped objects that appear to fly at remarkable speeds, at impossible angles, without wings or exhaust?”


From the Farside –“Octopus Descended from Alien Organisms Delivered to Earth by Comets”



“It takes little imagination to consider that the pre-Cambrian mass extinction event(s) was correlated with the impact of a giant life-bearing comet (or comets), and the subsequent seeding of Earth with new cosmic-derived cellular organisms and viral genes,” that hitched a ride to Earth on icy bolides. “Indeed,” this principle applies to the sudden appearance in the fossil record of pretty well all major life forms.”


From the Farside –James Cameron’s ‘Story of Science Fiction’: “How We Would Communicate With Intelligent Alien Life”




The Series Premiere of James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction focused on aliens in science fiction. As a linguist, Paul Frommer, the linguist who created the Na’vi language in James Cameron’s Avatar, was interviewed and asked if Earth were visited by “intelligent” alien life, what do you think our first steps to establishing communication with them would be?