If Aliens Exist Here’s Where We’ll Find Them to The Year in Physics (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from Space


Another week of amazing news from our Pale Blue Dot, with stories ranging from strange things are happening at the outer edges of our solar system to plants feel pain and might even see to a  wrinkle in nature could lead to alien life.


Are Humans an Anomaly? –“The Galaxy Report” YouTube Channel

ESO Observatories Wikimedia Commons


Is information at the core of life in the Universe? Are we humans an anomaly? Join narrator, Nicole Butscher on this week’s journey of discovery from the emergence of the human “dataome” –a world of bits built of and for information, which was like a sudden invasion by extraterrestrials, or an asteroid impact that precipitates a mass extinction–to the discovery of what astronomers think is the first planet beyond the Milky Way (or is it something more interesting), and more.


“Human Imagination is a Preview of Coming Attractions”


The Insomnia File --"Human Imagination is a Preview of Coming Attractions”


“If such a thing had happened once, it must have happened many times in our galaxy of a hundred billion suns,” wrote science-fiction author and philosopher, Arthur C Clarke about a mysterious celestial object —the work of an ancient alien civilization– that was detected flashing past Jupiter –proof that life not only existed outside the solar system, but also had scaled heights far beyond anything that man had achieved, or could hope to reach for centuries to come.