NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Halfway to the Red Planet –“The Next Picture We Take Will Be of the Surface of Mars”


As of Aug. 20, NASA’s InSight spacecraft had covered 172 million miles (277 million kilometers) since its launch 107 days ago. In another 98 days, it will travel another 129 million miles (208 million kilometers) and touch down in Mars’ Elysium Planitia region, where it will be the first mission to study the Red Planet’s deep interior. InSight stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport.

“World Without Continents or Mountains” –Jupiter’s 3,000 Kilometer-Deep Jet Steams Reveal Secret of the Gas Giant’s Vivid Colored Bands


Today’s ‘Planet Earth Report’ –Black Hat Cyber Attacks: “Can Morph Satellite Antennas Into Microwave Oven-like Weapons

The satellite communications that ships, planes and the military use to connect to the internet are vulnerable to hackers that, in the worst-case scenario, could carry out “cyber-physical attacks”, turning satellite antennas into weapons that operate, essentially, like microwave ovens. (more…)

The Strange Life of Water on Alien Ultrahot Jupiters

“The daysides of these worlds are furnaces that look more like a stellar atmosphere than a planetary atmosphere,” said Vivien Parmentier, an astrophysicist at Aix Marseille University in France and lead author of the new study. “In this way, ultrahot Jupiters stretch out what we think planets should look like.” (more…)

From the Farside –A Paleobiologist Views “The Meg,” New Movie About the Terrifying Prehistoric 18-Meter Megalodon

“A megalodon mouth is so big that you could swim into it without touching any of the teeth. It literally could swallow a small car without having to chomp down on it. And the teeth would be about 7 inches or 17 centimeters tall, and it would have several rows in its mouth at once, so as it lost or broke teeth, it could easily replace them.” (more…)

Today’s ‘Planet Earth Report’ –Hot Debate Over One of the Biggest Eruptions of the Holocene: “Inspired Myth of Atlantis”

So violent was the eruption, some have speculated, that it ended the once-prosperous Minoan civilization, instigated a volcanic winter as far away as China, and inspired the 12 plagues of Exodus as well as the myth of Atlantis—claims that are to varying degrees controversial. But nothing is as controversial, it turns out, as the debate over when the Santorini volcano actually erupted. (more…)


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