A New Explanation for Consciousness to NASA’s All-Star UFO Study Team (Planet Earth Report Weekend)


The Galaxy Report

This weekend’s stories include Why mystery surrounds what may be Earth’s oldest tree to The computer errors from outer space to Why did 11 billion Alaskan Snow Crabs suddenly disappear? and much more.


A New Model of Our Universe to UFOs, Intelligence and Cassandra’s Curse (The Galaxy Report)

ESO Observatories Chile


Today’s stories include Back when SETI began, we expected intelligent extraterrestrials to make things easy for us to Oumuamua still puzzling scientists 5 years after discovery to NASA’s Webb takes stunning star-filled portrait of Pillars of Creation, and much more.


Ten Possible Alien Technosignatures to Telescopes on the Moon (The Galaxy Report)


Today’s stories include Black Holes Wobbling Three Times a Second have Proved Einstein Right to Astronomers Have Unveiled the World’s Largest Digital Camera, and much more.


Earth’s Moon Formed in Hours to Do Black Holes Hide a Mind-Bending Secret About Our Universe? (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from Space


Today’s stories include William Shatner’s Blue Origin Trip Filled Him with ‘Dread’ for Earth to The Hard Problem of Consciousness, and much more.


Chinese Fossil Discovery Rewrites History of Life to World’s Largest Organism Has Stopped Growing (Planet Earth Report Weekend)

What Makes the Human Brain Unique to How Quantum Physicists are Looking for Alien Life (Planet Earth Report)


This weekend’s stories include The Black Frogs of Chernobyl to Scientists Discover Massive “Ocean” Near Earth’s Core to Elon Musk presents Humanoid Robot Optimus, and much more.


Milky Way’s Graveyard of Dead Stars to Math Proof Alien Life Exists? (The Galaxy Report)


Seeking the Most Distant Galaxies to Dangers of the Simulated Universe Hypothesis (The Galaxy Report)

Today’s stories include The last planet you’d want to live on to Stunning new Europa pictures beamed home by NASA’s Juno Spacecraft, and much more.