“Undetectable” –NASA Suggests We May Be Blind to Signs of Alien Technologies’


Alien Technology


In recent months several leading astrophysicists from NASA to Harvard have suggested aliens are not science fiction: that advanced and ancient technological civilizations may exist but be beyond our comprehension or ability to detect. Silvano P. Colombano at NASA’s Ames Research Center proposes that we may have missed signals when it comes to looking for UFOs.


“A Huge Surprise” –NASA Unveils First-Ever Asteroid Plumes


NASA at Asteroid Bennu


“The discovery of plumes is one of the biggest surprises of my scientific career,” said Dante Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx principal investigator at the University of Arizona about near-Earth asteroid Bennu. “And the rugged terrain went against all of our predictions. Bennu is already surprising us, and our exciting journey there is just getting started.”


“Undetected” –NASA Discovers Hiroshima-Size 2018 Asteroid Explosion Above the Bering Sea



A fireball exploded above the Bering Sea at about noon local time on December 18, 2018 from an asteroid with 10 times the energy of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb at a speed of 32 km/s (20 miles per second). The event went unobserved until military satellites spotted light the explosion released. The fireball was also spotted by Peter Brown at Canada’s University of Western Ontario, who announced his finding on Twitter. Brown looked at data taken from around 16 different infrared stations that were originally set up to listen for covert nuclear tests.


“Edge of Space to Jezero Crater” — Testing MARS 2020 Rover

Jezero Crater Mars


“We first landed on Jezero Crater on Jan. 23rd,” said Heather Bottom, systems engineer for the Mars 2020 mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory describing NASA’s test simulation of the 27,000 actions and calculations the 2020 rover will perform in seven minutes in the early afternoon of Feb. 18, 2021 as it speeds through the hazardous transition from the edge of space to Jezero Crater. “And the rover successfully landed again on Mars two days later.” (more…)

“Ancient Seas, Cataclysmic Floods (& Life?)” –1997 Pathfinder Mars Images

Mars Northern Ocean


“Unlike on Earth, this sea was likely groundwater fed. If the ancient source aquifers hosted life, the proposed marine sedimentary materials at the NASA Pathfinder landing site might contain a record of that life, a location easily accessible by future missions,” said senior scientist Alexis Rodriguez.


“Dinosaur Dust?” –NASA Revealing the Secrets of Untouched Apollo 17 Moon Rocks


Earth and Moon


Could there be dinosaur dust on the moon? The moon has been keeping secrets for billions of years, but we’ve had NASA samples of lunar regolith right here on Earth that haven’t even been looked at since they were brought back from the Apollo missions almost 50 years ago.



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