Inside Story of Hubble’s Return — “What Undiscovered Gems Lie Buried in Its Archives?”


Hubble Space Telescope


“The Hubble mission is meticulously storing observational data in a vast archive that is freely and internationally accessible,” Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, Hubble Space Telescope Senior Project Scientist, wrote in an email to The Daily Galaxy about the iconic space telescope being back in business and able to continue on its 32nd year of discovery, with observations restarted the afternoon of Saturday, July 17. The science instruments have returned to full operation, following recovery from a computer anomaly that suspended the telescope’s observations for more than a month.


Planet Earth Report –“Universe is Capable of Self-Comprehension to Our Enigmatic DNA”


Planet Earth Science


Another week of mind-bending news from the Blue Dot from NASA reports Hubble trouble to Albert Einstein’s assertion that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

“The Last Days of Hubble?” –A Crowning Glory of the Human Species

Hubble Deep Field


“Hubble isn’t just a satellite; it’s about humanity’s quest for knowledge,” said astronaut and former NASA Chief Scientist, John M. Grunsfeld about the iconic space telescope. Looking at Hubble’s ground-breaking “Deep Field” images that show the most distant galaxies that can be observed in visible light leaves us feeling like something else is going about its business out there.