“Our Understanding is Limited” –Massive Galaxies in Place Soon After Big Bang

Early Galaxy NASA


“If we point a telescope to the sky and take a deep image, we can see so many galaxies out there. But our understanding of how these galaxies form and grow is still quite limited — especially when it comes to massive galaxies,” said Masayuki Tanaka, at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan about an ancient galaxy more massive than our Milky Way that has revealed that the ‘cores’ of massive galaxies in the Universe had formed already 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang, about 1 billion years earlier than previous measurements.


“Galaxies Never Observed Before” –Radio ‘Time Machine’ Reaches Back at Speed of Light


Distant Galaxies MEERKAT


Each tiny dot in the radio image above, captured by astronomers using the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) MeerKAT telescope, is a distant galaxy, with the brightest spots galaxies that are powered by supermassive black holes. These are distant galaxies like the Milky Way that have never been observed in radio light before.


“The Glittering Galaxy” –Neutron Stars & Black Holes Light Up The Whirlpool

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy


This stunning image of M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, with vast its arms like a grand spiral staircase sweeping through space, contains nearly a million seconds of observing time with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, revealing hundreds of glittering, point-like X-ray sources. Most of these point sources are binary systems with either a neutron star or black hole orbiting a Sun-like star. (more…)

“The Yeti” –A Monster Galaxy Accidentally Discovered at Dawn of the Universe

Yeti Galaxy


Astronomers accidentally discovered the a faint light shimmering blob of a monster galaxy cloaked in dust in the early universe that has never been seen before. Like a cosmic Yeti, the scientific community generally regarded these galaxies as folklore, given the lack of evidence of their existence, but astronomers in the United States and Australia managed to snap a picture of the beast for the first time.

Colossal Ancient Galaxies Discovered –“Where None Had Been Seen Before”

Hubble Deep Field


Astronomers used the combined power of multiple astronomical observatories around the world and in space-including ALMA and Hubble- to discover 39 previously unknown ancient massive galaxies that defy current models of the universe.


“All the Light”– In the History of the Observable Universe

Galaxies in Milky Way


From our tiny blue water planet, the universe appears inconceivably vast. In the grand cosmic scheme of things, all the light in the observable universe provides about as much illumination as a 60-watt bulb seen from 2.5 miles away, says Marco Ajello, an astrophysicist at Clemson University, who led a team that has measured all of the starlight ever produced throughout the history of the observable universe.