Did Orbital Shifts Trigger Ancient Global Warming to Has the Fermi Paradox Been Resolved? (Planet Earth Report Weekend)


Earth from Space


This weekend’s stories include There Could Be 42,777 Intelligent Alien Civilizations In Our Galaxy to Would the ‘Human Evolutionary Niche’ Be Filled If We Go Extinct to Why Earth Just Had Its Shortest Day on Record, and much more.


Building Blocks for Life Found at Milky Way’s Center to Does Light Live Forever? (The Galaxy Report Weekend)

ESO Observatories


This weekend’s stories range from Signals From Deep Space Contain Signs of New Physics to How to Follow the Webb’s Next Steps to Dark Galaxies Swarmed in the Early Universe, and much more.


The Fermi Paradox Revisited and Resolved?

"Unvisited" --Earth May Exist in a Galaxy of Interstellar Space-Faring Civilizations (Weekend Feature)


In February 2020, four distinguished astrophysicists —Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback, Adam Frank, Jason Wright, Caleb Scharfsuggested that Earth may have remained unvisited by space-faring civilizations all the while existing in a galaxy of interstellar civilizations seeded by moving stars that spread alien life, offering a solution to the perplexing Fermi paradox. They concluded that a planet-hopping civilization could populate the Milky Way in as little as 650,000 years.