Astrophysicist Reflects on Implications of Contact with an Advanced Civilization

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“If the Perseverance rover finds evidence for microbes on Mars, our self-esteem will not be affected since it is obvious that we are more intelligent than they are,” wrote Harvard’s Avi Loeb in an email to The Daily Galaxy asking him for his thoughts about the impact of evidence of the existence of an advanced alien civilization. “But if the rover will bump into the wreckage of a spacecraft far more advanced than we ever produced, our ego will be challenged.”


Before the Big Bang to the Search for Life Not as We Know It (The Galaxy Report-Weekend Feature)


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This week’s report from the Cosmos brings amazing stories ranging from What Existed Before the Big Bang to Forms of Consciousness We Can’t Recognize to World’s Scientists Share Their Expectations for the James Webb Space Telescope.


Stephen Hawking’s 80th Birthday -Google’s Memorial Video (Weekend Feature)

It’s been said that Newton gave us answers; Stephen Hawking gave us questions.  In his famous lecture on “Life in the Universe”, our era’s greatest theoretical physicist, who was laid to rest in 2018 in Scientists’ Corner at Westminster Abbey, between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, asked one of his most profound questions: “What are the chances that we will encounter some alien form of life, as we explore the galaxy?”

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The Extraterrestrial-Contact Paradox (YouTube Episode)


Origin of Life


British physicist Stephen Wolfram believes extraterrestrial intelligent life is inevitable, but with a caveat. Although intelligent life is inevitable, we will never find it -at least not by searching in the Milky Way.  We have a slim chance, he suggests, of distinguishing an ET artifact from a natural celestial object.


Introducing “The Galaxy Report” YouTube Channel


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“The Galaxy Report” YouTube Channel is here to bring you breaking intergalactic stories that shake the fabric of space time. Join Nicole Butscher on weekly adventures to create a deep playlist that includes human and AI evolution, the great questions of astrophysics, the search for advanced extraterrestrial life, cosmology, hard-science fiction and film, and the known and unknown mysteries of the Cosmos.