“Alien Mirage” — Oxygen and Organic Molecules May Not Indicate Life

Red Dwarf Star


“Our experiments produced oxygen and organic molecules that could serve as the building blocks of life in the lab, proving that the presence of both doesn’t definitively indicate life,” says Chao He, assistant research scientist in the Johns Hopkins University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the study’s first author. “Researchers need to more carefully consider how these molecules are produced.”


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Light in the Cosmos



The Balloon Planet — “Search is On for Evaporating Exoplanets”


HAT-P-11b a "warm Neptune"


A discovery occurred earlier this year, thanks to Hubble Space Telescope observations, which proved difficult to interpret: the first-ever detection of an evaporating exoplanet.


“Hidden from Sight” –Alien Planets Orbiting Young Stars

protoplanetary disks


“Most previous observations had been targeted to detect the presence of very massive planets, which we know are rare, that had carved out large inner holes or gaps in bright disks,” said Paola Pinilla, a NASA Hubble Fellow at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory. “While massive planets had been inferred in some of these bright disks, little had been known about the fainter disks.”


Heard In the Milky Way –“Thinking Like a Planet to Earth in 10,000 Years”


Today’s eclectic coverage of TV programs broadcast on the state of affairs on our pale blue planet, signaling our presence to other possible civilizations in the Milky Way.


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