“Coming Attractions” –Alien Intelligence as Physics


Alien Life


“Imagination is everything,” observed Albert Einstein. “It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”


“Is There Life There, HAL?” –NASA Announces Intelligent AI Systems Installed on Probes of Distant Planets

ExoMars Landing Map


In Space Odyssey 2001, HAL 9000, the Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer, consigned the crew commander to his death by refusing to open the pod bay doors. Leaping forward to today, with life hopefully transcending Arthur C. Clarke’s fiction, NASA has announced a visionary step: that intelligent computer systems will be installed on space probes to direct the search for life on distant planets and moons, starting with the 2022/23 ESA ExoMars mission, before moving beyond to moons such as Jupiter’s Europa, and of Saturn’s Enceladus and Titan.


Google AI Scientists –“Developing Algorithms that Mirror Darwinian Evolution”

Google Brain


Science-fiction author Vernor Vinge once said that mankind’s last great invention will be the first self-replicating machine. Now, AI scientists working in Google Brain division are testing how machine learning algorithms can be created from scratch, then evolve naturally, based on simple math, according to Google’s AutoML team who suggest the software could potentially be updated to “automatically discover” completely unknown algorithms while also reducing human bias during the data input process. The software, known as AutoML-Zero, resembles the process of evolution, with code improving every generation with little human interaction.


“The Firstborn” –Earth’s Emerging Cyborg Epoch 




Before we get to today’s big  story –a spooky headline says we’re entering a new age, “The Novacene”, I want to share some thoughts. The story says that we are in the final era of human life on Earth.—that we homo sapiens are an evolutionary transition phase from biology to machine life.  That the mutation in the brain of a single human being some 200,000 years ago that turned primates into a super-intelligent species that would conquer the world was a genetic accident that will lead to a new hyper-intelligent species, a new evolutionary epoch. 


Planet Earth Report –“Signs Super-Powerful AI is About to Destroy Civilization to Gallup Polls UFO Reality”

Earth from ISS


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“Spacetime Magic” –‘Will Lead to God-Like Civilizations’

ESO Headquarters Chile


God-like beings will exist in the future, and they may be able to affect their past — our present — by means of spacetime engineering. Probably other civilizations out there, perhaps millions to billions of years older than Earth’s, have already attained God-like powers, says Giulio Prisco. a technology expert, futurist and author of Tales of the Turing Church, who believes that the ‘manifest destiny’ of our species is colonizing the universe and developing spacetime engineering and scientific “future magic” much beyond our current understanding and imagination.