“Longevity Gene” –“Species Living More Than 200 Years Evolved Robust SIRT6 Genes”


Bowhead Whale


“We have other species that are even longer lived than humans,” says researcher Andrei Seluanov at the University of Rochester. Next steps involve analyzing whether species that have longer lifespans than humans—like the bowhead whale, which can live more than 200 years—have evolved even more robust SIRT6 genes.


“Planet Earth Report” –Neanderthal DNA Still Shapes Us to Close Encounters

Earth from Space


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the days’ headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.



Sunday’s “Planet Earth Report” –Our Quantum Existence to U.S. Congress Investigating UFOs


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the day’s news headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Today’s Planet Earth Report –“Death as an App” –Silicon Valley’s Obsession With Morftality

“Consider this fact of modern life: Nearly all of the technological products that we buy and use are designed with planned obsolescence in mind. They are built specifically to fail after a relatively short period — one year, two, maybe five. If you doubt that, think about how often you have to replace your smartphone. Gadgets are designed to die.”


Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Secret Electrical Language of Cells, Aztec Map of the Universe, Search for Alien Life in Antarctica



January 5, 2018. Links to today's headline stories from around the world on the threats, opportunities, and dangers facing our fragile planet –along with an occasional dash of humor, popular culture, and an intriguing conspiracy theory or two. Today's coverage includes Human Hibernation Could Get Us to Mars, Six Scientific Mysteries We Still Haven’t Solved, Hidden Human Workforce Powering AI, Joe Rogan Podcast on AI Conspiracy Theories.


Mind-Boggling Discovery in Australia, ‘The Land ‘Down Under’ –“Could Forever Alter the Timeline of Human Migration”




As the "Land Down Under," Australia is an island continent, so ancient visitors would have to arrived by sea, a long way from where humans first evolved in Africa. Migration to Australia would have required some remarkable ingenuity. Archaeologists have uncovered new evidence that could push the date of human habitation in Australia possibly as far as 80,000 years ago. The findings, that involve ancient tools and artifacts unearthed from Kakadu National Park in Australia's Northern Territory, suggest people crossed over from south Asia at a time that was cooler and wetter, with lower sea levels allowing easier sea crossings.



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