Watch Live: SpaceX’s Fourth Starship Test Flight Launches Soon with Major Objectives

By Lydia Amazouz Published on June 6, 2024 07:30
Watch Live Spacex's Fourth Starship Test Flight Launches Soon With Major Objectives

SpaceX is gearing up for its fourth test flight of the Starship rocket, set to launch early Thursday, June 6. This test is crucial for demonstrating the reusability of the rocket, a key component in reducing the costs of space travel and expanding access to space.

The Starship and its Super Heavy booster are scheduled to lift off from SpaceX's Starbase facility in South Texas at 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT). The launch window extends for 120 minutes, allowing flexibility in timing.

Objectives and Mission Details

This test flight aims to achieve several key milestones that previous flights did not. The primary objective is to demonstrate the ability to return and reuse the Starship and Super Heavy. This includes testing the opening and closing of the payload door in space and executing a reentry from space.

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Unlike previous tests, which primarily focused on achieving orbit, this flight will also test the rocket's reentry capabilities, a crucial step toward making space travel more economical and sustainable. SpaceX will offer a live webcast of the launch starting at 7:30 a.m. EDT, live-streamed exclusively on their X (formerly Twitter) account and on

Challenges and Progress

SpaceX's Starship has faced several challenges in its development. The first three test flights ended in failures, with the rockets either exploding or crashing upon return. Despite these setbacks, each test provided valuable data that has been used to improve the design and functionality of the Starship.

The first test in April 2023 saw the rocket explode seconds after launch, damaging the launch pad. The second test experienced a failure shortly after separation, leading to another explosion. The third test, although reaching space, ended with both the Starship and Super Heavy breaking apart upon reentry. These failures, described by SpaceX as "rapid unscheduled disassemblies," have been pivotal in refining the technology and preparing for the upcoming test.

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Importance of Reusability

Reusability is central to SpaceX's vision for the future of space travel. Historically, space exploration has been prohibitively expensive, limiting access to wealthy nations. By developing reusable rockets, SpaceX aims to significantly reduce the costs associated with space travel, making it more accessible and enabling a broader range of missions.

The Starship is designed to carry up to 100 people on long-duration interplanetary flights, support satellite deployment, and facilitate the development of a moon base. This technology is also crucial for NASA's plans to return astronauts to the moon under the Artemis program.

Competition and Collaboration

For nearly a decade, SpaceX has been in competition with Boeing to develop a space taxi service for astronauts as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. While SpaceX has successfully been shuttling astronauts to space since 2020 with its Crew Dragon capsule, Boeing has faced numerous delays with its Starliner program.

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On Wednesday, Boeing launched its first crewed test of the Starliner rocket, carrying two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). This milestone for Boeing highlights the competitive yet collaborative nature of the current space industry, with multiple companies contributing to the broader goal of expanding human presence in space.

Watching the Launch

Space enthusiasts can watch the Starship Flight 4 launch online. SpaceX will stream the event live on its X account, starting 30 minutes before liftoff. Additional coverage and live views of the launchpad will be available on's YouTube channel. For those in the vicinity of Boca Chica, Texas, public beaches such as South Padre Island offer clear views of the launch. The flight is expected to last just over an hour if all goes according to plan, with the Super Heavy booster performing a controlled splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico.

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If weather or technical issues delay the launch, SpaceX has backup windows on June 7 and June 8. These backup days are crucial as they provide flexibility to ensure optimal launch conditions. Public advisories from Cameron County indicate that beach closures will be in effect during the launch window to ensure public safety and manage crowd control.

Looking Ahead

As SpaceX continues to refine the Starship, the goal of achieving a fully reusable rocket system comes closer to reality. Elon Musk has emphasized the importance of developing a reusable heat shield, a technology that has not yet been perfected. Achieving this would be a significant milestone in making space travel more sustainable. The success of Starship Flight 4 will bring SpaceX one step closer to realizing its vision of making space accessible for exploration, commercial use, and even tourism.

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The Starship rocket is integral to SpaceX’s long-term plans, which include missions to Mars and beyond. This test flight is a crucial step toward proving the viability of Starship for deep space missions. NASA has already selected Starship to land astronauts on the moon as part of the Artemis program, with a targeted landing date in 2026. Success in these tests will solidify Starship’s role in future lunar missions and potentially pave the way for human exploration of Mars.


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