Does Black Hole’s Photon Ring Hint At a Deeper Meaning? (The Galaxy Report Weekend)



This weekend’s stories include The Universe Is Not Locally Real to Largest Asteroid to Hit Earth was Twice as Big as the Rock that Killed off the Dinosaurs to Dormant Bacterial Cells Might Help Us Wake Up Extraterrestrial Life, and much more.

The Universe Is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It, reports Scientific American. Elegant experiments with entangled light have laid bare a profound mystery at the heart of reality. “the evidence shows objects are not influenced solely by their surroundings and they may also lack definite properties prior to measurement. As Albert Einstein famously bemoaned to a friend, “Do you really believe the moon is not there when you are not looking at it?”

A Black Hole’s Orbiting Ring of Light Could Encrypt Its Inner Secrets–Physicists have discovered that the ring of photons orbiting a black hole exhibits a special kind of symmetry, hinting at a deeper meaning, reports Thomas Lewton for “The photon ring, which glows orange in this visualization of light flowing around a black hole, contains a succession of images of the entire universe.”

Eerie Implications of Hawking Points –“Corpses of Black Holes from Before the Big Bang”

We May Finally Have Evidence of The First Stars in The Universe, reports Science Alert. “The very first stars might have appeared when the Universe was only 100 million years old, or less than 1 percent of its current age. Since then, the rapid expansion of space has stretched their light into oblivion, leaving us to seek clues about their existence in cosmic sources closer to home.”

Largest asteroid ever to hit Earth was twice as big as the rock that killed off the dinosaurs, reports Harry Baker for Live Science. “The destructive space rock was somewhere between 12.4 and 15.5 miles wide.”

The Chicxulub Impact -Did an ‘Impossible’ Magnitude-12 Earthquake Change Our World?

Did extraterrestrials visit ancient Sumer?, asks Big Think. “Astrophysicist Carl Sagan considered the possibility that ancient humans may have recorded visitations from extraterrestrials. One account from ancient Sumer, of the fish-like creature Oannes,” deserves more careful study,” he wrote.

The Political Repercussions Of Detecting Alien Intelligence, reports IFL Science. “In 2020, a paper by Kenneth Wisian and John Traphagan suggested that a risk existed regarding a SETI detection that had not been previously investigated enough. Wisian and Traphagen argued that the danger of discovery was not from the aliens but that the real or perceived advantage of having access to this message would lead to Earthly issues such as espionage, escalating conflicts between nations, and could even end up in all-out war.”

“Coming Attractions” –Alien Intelligence as Physics

Quantum physics forces us to make really weird choices. Einstein always loses in the quantum realm, reports Big Think. “Reality really is “spooky,” as Einstein feared. But what is that spookiness telling us? No one really knows. Every interpretation of quantum mechanics is forced to accept something about reality that seems really, really weird. “

The Thinking Undead: How Dormant Bacteria Calculate Their Return to Life, reports UC San Diego. Unexpected activity in dormant bacterial cells offers lessons for understanding life in extreme states on Earth and perhaps other planets. “When conditions become favorable, spores that may have been dormant for years can wake up in minutes and spring back to life.

These Undead Bacterial Cells Might Help Us Wake Up Extraterrestrial Life, reports The Daily Beast. “Dormant spores can exist for thousands of years and “count” without using any energy.”

A physicist explains the science of Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’, reports The Conversation. “The 2022 Nobel Prize in physics recognized three scientists who made groundbreaking contributions in understanding one of the most mysterious of all natural phenomena: quantum entanglement.”

Chinese scientists call for plan to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, reports Ben Turner for Live Science. “Chinese military researchers say Starlink could threaten China’s national security.”

“New Inflation” and the Many Worlds of the Multiverse

Why the multiverse is the movie fantasy for our times –Highly-disputed quantum physics theories rarely receive airtime. But the idea that multiple, even infinite, universes co-exist has taken hold in movie theaters everywhere, reports CNN.

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