The Drake Equation for Alien Intelligence is More Important Than Ever (The Galaxy Report)

Super Earths Could Be Habitable for 80 Billion Years (The Galaxy Report)


Today’s stories include The Search For Extraterrestrial Life, UFOS, And Our Future to The Biggest Star Ever Found Just Revealed A Surprising Insight, and much more.

The Search For Extraterrestrial Life, UFOS, And Our Future, reports Chuck Brooks for Forbes. “Almost three decades later from Carl’s Sagan’s insights on the abundance of the chemistry of life, we are at the doorway of new discoveries in our new technological era to prove and find that extraterrestrial life may exist, and also that it may be plentiful.”

Could the ‘Tape of Evolution’ Run Again on Alien Worlds? asks The Daily Galaxy. “Biologist Charles Cockell at the The University of Edinburgh and author of The Physics of Life, said that rerun the tape of evolution, and DNA, RNA, ATP, “the Krebs cycle — the rigmarole of Biology 101 — would probably arise again in distant worlds. Single cells would then join together, seeking the advantages of metazoan life, until before you know it something like the earthly menagerie would come to be.”

Frank Drake has passed away but his equation for alien intelligence is more important than ever, reports David Rothery, Professor of Planetary Geosciences, The Open University for The Conversation. “Whatever reasonable values you feed into the equation (see image below) it is hard to avoid the conclusion that we shouldn’t be alone in the galaxy.”

SETI Pioneer Frank Drake Leaves a Legacy of Searching for Voices in the Void –Remembering Frank Drake, who led science in listening for an extraterrestrial “whisper we can’t quite hear,” reports Scientific American. “Frank founded an entire field,” says astrophysicist Andrew Siemion, director of the Berkeley SETI Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.”

The Webb telescope has released its very first exoplanet image – here’s what we can learn from it, reports The Conversation. “Over the past three decades, we have lived through a great revolution – the dawn of the Exoplanet Era.”

Are there hard limits to human intelligence? asks David H Wolpert. professor at the Sante Fe Institute, external professor at the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna, adjunct professor at Arizona State University, and research associate at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste for Aeon. Science and mathematics may never fully capture the physical universe. .

What Reionized the Universe, and When, asks Phil Plait for SyFy Wire. “New observations may tell us when the cosmos became transparent. It’s a weird question, but an important one.”.

Astronomers May Have Found The Source Of The Milky Way’s “Fermi Cocoon” –The Sagittarius Dwarf might explain another peculiar feature of the Milky Way, reports IFL Science. “Above and below the plane of the Milky Way lie the Fermi Bubbles, two orbs around 25,000 light-years across filled with hot gas and cosmic rays. They are a major source of gamma rays, too. Within them, there is a bright spot, the Fermi Cocoon, a mysterious feature with no clear source – until now. 

A Mushy Source For The Geysers Of Enceladus, reports Astrobiology. “Enceladus is a primary target for astrobiology due to the salty plume ejecta measured by the Cassini spacecraft and the inferred subsurface ocean sustained by tidal heating. Sourcing the plumes via a direct connection from the ocean to the surface requires a fracture through the entire ice shell (∼10 km).”

The Biggest Star Ever Found Just Revealed A Surprising New Insight, reports Science Alert.”Our results show us that the most massive star we currently know is not as massive as we had previously thought,” says astronomer and astrophysicist Venu Kalari of the Gemini Observatory. “This suggests that the upper limit on stellar masses may also be smaller than previously thought.”

How the Inside of a Black Hole Is Secretly on the Outside –Mysterious “islands” help to explain what happens to information that falls into a black hole, reports Scientific American. “heoretical physics has been in crisis mode ever since 1974, when Stephen Hawking argued that black holes destroy information.

Mysterious Gamma Rays May Not Be Emanating From The Fermi Bubbles After All, reports Science Alert. “Energetic radiation previously associated with structures erupting from the Milky Way galactic center called the Fermi bubbles actually seems to instead be coming from something more distant.”

To Prevent a Martian Plague, NASA Needs to Build a Very Special Lab--The likelihood is low that bringing rocks to Earth from the red planet will make us sick, but the space agency isn’t taking any chances, reports the New York Times. ““It is possible that on Mars there are pathogens,” Carl Sagan wrote, “organisms which, if transported to the terrestrial environment, might do enormous biological damage — a Martian plague.”

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