Life Is an Accident of Space and Time to How UFOs Evolved from Science Fiction to a National Security Priority (The Galaxy Report)

Super Earths Could Be Habitable for 80 Billion Years (The Galaxy Report)


Today’s stories include Discovery of Alien World with a Strange, Tilted Orbit to Scientists Create Coldest Matter in the Universe, and much more.

Surprise finding suggests ‘water worlds’ are more common than we thought, reports the University of Chicago–“It was a surprise to see evidence for so many water worlds orbiting the most common type of star in the galaxy,” said Rafael Luque, first author on the new paper and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago. “It has enormous consequences for the search for habitable planets.”

Navy Says All UFO Videos Classified, Releasing Them ‘Will Harm National Security’ –“The U.S. Navy says that releasing any additional UFO videos would “harm national security” and told a government transparency website that all of the government’s UFO videos are classified information,” reports Vice Science.

NASA releases pictures of exoplanet ‘six to 12 times the mass of Jupiter’ in unprecedented detail, reports ABC News. “It marks the first time that astronomers have used NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to take a direct image of a planet outside our solar system. “

Weird, enormous planets may be stolen from stars in ‘planetary heists’ –Strange planets nicknamed BEASTies are unlikely to have formed around their current stars. They may have been stolen from other stars or captured from deep space, reports New Scientist.

Astrophysicist  Adam Frank’s “The Little Book of Aliens” –One book will gather all topics on the search for life in the Cosmos, reports Big Think. “It seems clear we are living in a very particular moment when it comes to understanding the possibilities of life in the Cosmos. Never before has there been so much interest in the question of whether there is life on other worlds, and never before have we gotten so close to getting answers.”


The true story of how UFOs evolved from science fiction to a national security priority. “It’s never aliens. Nonetheless, Congress, NASA and the Defense Department have embraced a new era of UFO investigations,” reports

Caleb Scharf Wins Carl Sagan Medal for Public Science Communication, reports Columbia University. Caleb Scharf is a senior research scientist at the Columbia Climate School and Columbia’s Director of Astrobiology. “Scharf’s books include The Ascent of Information, The Copernicus Complex, Gravity’s Engines, Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology, and The Zoomable Universe. One major goal of his research is to identify which planets outside the solar system could potentially have life forms of their own.” 

New space station experiment TIGERISS will probe origins of elements, reports Penn State. “The experiment was envisioned for the International Space Station (ISS) as part of NASA’s Astrophysics Pioneers Program, which began in 2020, supports small-scale astrophysics missions that enable innovative investigations into cosmic phenomena.

NASA scientist says Earth may have been visited by aliens, reports Fox News –“In a new research paper, Silvano P. Colombano, a computer scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, theorizes that intelligent life may not be what we are used to and may not necessarily use the traditional building blocks of that humanity is accustomed to, such as carbon. “I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all be produced by carbon based organisms like us,” Colombano wrote.


Discovery of alien world with strange, tilted orbit puzzles astronomers, reports Keith Cooper for The planet was found by the way its star wobbles as it moves through space.

Life Is an Accident of Space and Time, writes MIT’s Alan Lightman for The Atlantic. “Even if life existed on every planet that could support it, living matter in the universe would amount to only a few grains of sand in the Gobi Desert.


This Might Be One of the Best Planets to Host Alien Life–The authors of the study think SPECULOOS-2c might just be the second most habitable planet on record, following TRAPPIST-1e (40 light-years from Earth), reports The Daily Beast.

Black Hole’s Orbiting Ring of Light Could Encrypt Its Inner Secrets, reports Thomas Lewton for Physicists have discovered that the ring of photons orbiting a black hole exhibits a special kind of symmetry, hinting at a deeper meaning.

Massive Black Holes Shown to Act Like Quantum Particles, reports Charlie Wood for “Physicists are using quantum math to understand what happens when black holes collide. In a surprise, they’ve shown that a single particle can describe a collision’s entire gravitational wave.”

The number that is too big for the universe–TREE(3) is a number that turns up easily from just playing a simple mathematical game. Yet, it is so colossally large that it couldn’t conceivably fit in our universe, writes Antonio Padilla for New Scientist. 

A first glimpse at the high-productivity star factory in the galactic center, reports the Max Planck Society–“The observations provide evidence for star formation in the galactic center having started off near the center and then worked its way outwards. This confirms a mode of star formation that had earlier been found in the centers of other, distant galaxies.”

Scientists create coldest matter in the universe in a lab, reports Robert Lea for Matter chilled to 3 billion times colder than interstellar space.

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