Michio Kaku On the Shift in the UFO Phenomenon to The Psychology of Alien Contact (The Galaxy Report)

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Today’s stories include Five Numbers that could Reveal the Secrets of the Universe to We Might Already Speak the Same Language As ET, and much more.

Five mind-bending numbers that could reveal the secrets of the universe, reports New Scientist. “From the exceedingly big to the unfathomably small, cosmologists are trying to unravel a bizarre set of figures that may reveal what happens inside a black hole, why the Higgs boson is so light and the chances of you having a doppelgänger.”

We Might Already Speak the Same Language As ET–Alien communication could utilize quantum physics, so SETI needs a new way to listen, reports astrophysicist Caleb Scharf. “

Intelligent life in the universe may be extremely rare — we should look for it anyway, reports The Hill. “Intelligent life may be extremely rare in our universe, according to Princeton University Astrophysical Sciences Professor Ed Turner. “It is our obligation to our self-assigned title of an “intelligent civilization,” that makes us adapt to agnostic observations of reality rather than surrender to an exaggerated sense of self-importance.”

Physicist Michio Kaku and Joe Rogan on the Shift in the UFO Phenomenon


We Were Here –How advanced civilizations could leave us a message of their presence, reports Nautilus. 

Shredded dwarf galaxies may lack dark matter to hold them together, reports New Scientist. “Many dwarf galaxies torn up by the gravity of nearby objects may not have any dark matter, which doesn’t line up with our understanding of the universe – but they may be explained by a controversial alternate model of gravity/”

Psychology of alien contact: Could humanity handle the “otherness” of extraterrestrials?–“The psychology of alien contact largely revolves around the concept of “otherness.” We need to learn to be comfortable around strange things,” reports Big Think. “One possible solution, should we make contact with an intelligent alien species, would be to use “neutral” robots to facilitate interaction.

How Liquid Water Stored on Exoplanets Could Shed More Light on Extraterrestrial Life, reports The Debrief. “Finding liquid water on distant planets has remained a “holy grail” for space programs throughout the last several decades. Liquid water not only hints at the possibility that there may be life on other planets, but also holds promise for sustaining future life. However, this type of water may be stored in several ways, which can make it difficult to detect.”


Will we ever unite physics? Clocks in superposition could offer clues–“Physicists have long sought to marry general relativity and quantum mechanics – now some reckon experiments that probe the way each theory treats time could finally make it happen,” reports New Scientist.

Robotic motion in curved space defies standard laws of physics, reports the Georgia Institute of Technology–“When bodies exist in curved spaces, it turns out that they can in fact move without pushing against something.”


At Long Last, Mathematical Proof That Black Holes Are Stable –The solutions to Einstein’s equations that describe a spinning black hole won’t blow up, even when poked or prodded, reports Quanta.com.

Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe–The 1.5 million galaxies appear as they were 12 billion years ago, reports Science News. “

Astronomers May Have Found the Galaxy’s Youngest Planet–The Webb telescope soon will help measure the world, which may offer insights into how our own formed, reports The New York Times. “In the journal The Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists on Tuesday announced compelling evidence for a world just 1.5 million years old, making it one of the youngest planets ever found, perhaps the youngest.”

NASA’s Fermi telescope confirms star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles, reports Francis Reddy for  NASA. “Astronomers have long sought the launch sites for some of the highest-energy protons in our galaxy. Now a study using 12 years of data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope confirms that one supernova remnant is just such a place.

Extraterrestrial Cement–“If we’re going to live and work on another planet like Mars or the moon, we need to make concrete. But we can’t take bags of concrete with us — we need to use local resources,” said Norman Wagner, Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware.”

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