James Lovelock, Whose Gaia Theory Sees the Earth as a Living Entity, Has Died at 103 (Planet Earth Report)

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Today’s celebration of  James Lovelock’s life includes stories ranging from The Earth Is Just as Alive as You Are to Beyond the Anthropocene -A Mere Blink of the Geologic Eye to The Hubris of the Anthropocene, and much more.

Environmental scientist James Lovelock, whose Gaia theory sees the Earth imperiled by human activity, has died at 103, reports The SF Chronicle.

The Earth Is Just as Alive as You Are –Scientists once ridiculed the idea of a living planet. Not anymore, reported The New York Times in 2019. The essence of Lovelock’s hypothesis — “the idea that life transforms and in many cases regulates the planet — proved prescient and profoundly true. We and all living creatures are not just inhabitants of Earth, we are Earth — an outgrowth of its physical structure and an engine of its global cycles. Although some scientists still recoil at the mention of Gaia, these truths have become part of mainstream science.”

Beyond the Anthropocene -“A Mere Blink of the Geologic Eye”

“The Firstborn” –Earth’s Emerging Cyborg Epoch 

“47 Degrees Celsius” –The Death of Earth’s Ocean World and Silicon-Based Life

“Hubris of the Anthropocene” –COVID-19 Pandemic Delivers a Lost Cosmic Perspective


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