Killer Asteroids Are Hiding in Plain Sight to Origin of Galaxies (The Galaxy Report)


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Today’s stories range from Signals of Extinct Extraterrestrial Civilizations –Echo Throughout the Milky Way to The Secret of the Bulge a the Milky Way’s Center, and much more.

Killer Asteroids Are Hiding in Plain Sight. A New Tool Helps Spot Them. –Researchers have built an algorithm that can scan old astronomical images for unnoticed space rocks, helping to detect objects that could one day imperil Earth, reports The New York Times.

Signals of Extinct Extraterrestrial Civilizations –“Echo Throughout the Milky Way”, reports Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy. ““For all we know, if galactic radiation-emitting civilizations exist, they could be located anywhere in the Milky Way”

Where do galaxies come from? –How did galaxies move through space and time to arrive at where they are today? In principle, researchers understand this: long in the past, matter was evenly distributed across all of space; only tiny deviations in its uniformity could be seen in this landscape. Gravity notices these small over-densities and as they gradually attract more matter they grow increasingly larger. Eventually, they form stars and galaxies. These move through space according to the law of gravitation. One can even run computer simulations to show how.

The Universe is flat. Here’s what that teaches us. In theory, the fabric of space could have been curved in any way imaginable. So why is the Universe flat when we measure it? asks Ethan Siegel in this Big Think podcast. 

Astronomers detect a new radio source of unknown origin, reports Tomasz Nowakowski for –“Australian astronomers have discovered a mysterious bright and compact radio source, which received designation J054149.24–641813.7. The origin and nature of this source is unknown and requires further investigation.”

The Secret of the Bulge in the Milky Way’s Center. The star cluster Liller 1 is not what it appears, reports Phil Plait for

Hubble telescope spots stunning ‘Hidden Galaxy’ hiding behind our own Milky Way, reports Elizabeth Howell for If it weren’t for all the interstellar matter in the way, IC 342 would be one of the brightest galaxies in the sky.

“The Vanished Rivers” –Mystery of How Mars Became Uninhabitable Endures, reports Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy. ““The Vanished Rivers” –Mystery of How Mars Became Uninhabitable Endures. “Billions of years ago, Mars was a land of wild and scenic rivers that were wider than those on Earth today—and occurred at hundreds of locations on the red planet. Archived Image data from ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft showed that, at some points, one ancient riverbed was 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) wide and 984 feet (300 meters) deep.”

“New Inflation” and the Many Worlds of the Multiverse, reports astrophysicist Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy. “At the Big Bang in less than a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second, space-time doubled more than 60 times from a subatomic speck to a volume many times larger than the observable universe.

Why Uranus and Neptune are different colors, reports the University of Oxford. “New research led by Professor Patrick Irwin from the Department of Physics at Oxford suggests that a layer of haze that exists on both planets is behind the different hues of blue; if there were no haze in the atmospheres of Neptune and Uranus, both would appear almost equally blue.”

How to Make the Universe Think for Us–Physicists are building neural networks out of vibrations, voltages and lasers, arguing that the future of computing lies in exploiting the universe’s complex physical behaviors, reports Charlie Wood for Quanta. Getting the universe to crunch the numbers for us.

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