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Today’s stories range from Aliens could send us interstellar quantum messages using X-rays to Destroy All Samples of the Smallpox Virus, and much more.

Aliens could send us interstellar quantum messages using X-rays–Quantum communication technology may allow for information to be securely sent through interstellar space without being disrupted by gravity or solar winds, reports New Scientist.

Particle physics on Earth won’t ever destroy the Universe –Smashing things together at unprecedented energies sounds dangerous. But it’s nothing the Universe hasn’t already seen, and survived, reports Big Think. “But when it comes to the question of what actually goes on in the Universe we inhabit, nature has anything we’ve ever built, or plan to build, beat by a long shot. Here’s how we know the Universe is safe.”

China proposes an alien planet mission to hunt habitable worlds by scanning wobbling stars, reports Andrew Jones for The mission would focus on finding “nearby” worlds with the potential to host life.

Seeing the Earth through alien eyes: an extraterrestrial view of our planet, reports Physics World. “Aliens spying on us from across interstellar space is a classic trope of science fiction. But working out what those extraterrestrials might see if they pointed their telescopes at us could help in our quest for finding life on distant Earth-like planets.”

Destroy All Samples of the Smallpox Virus. With a global alarm ringing because of an unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox, we should also consider a different but closely related viral threat, reports The Scientist. 

Giant stingray and alien doorway — May’s best science images–The month’s sharpest science shots — selected by Nature’s photo team.

First Human Genome Sequenced from Ancient Pompeii –The genome is from a male who was likely in his late thirties when the historic Mount Vesuvius eruption occurred. The analyses suggest he is related to the diverse Imperial Roman population of the time, and that he may have suffered from spinal tuberculosis, reports The Scientist.

Guardians of the brain: how a special immune system protects our grey matter–The nervous and immune systems are tightly intertwined. Deciphering their chatter might help address many brain disorders and diseases, reports 

Extraterrestrial civilizations may have used rogue planets to colonize new star systems, and ‘technosignatures’ on these planets could provide evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, reports Interesting Engineering.

A mind-blowing explanation of symmetry –a Big Think podcast with Frank Wilczek, an American theoretical physicist, mathematician and a Nobel laureate. He is currently the Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

As 2022 Hurricane Season Looms, a Current That Fuels Monster Storms Is Very Warm –The Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has fueled major storms such as Hurricane Katrina, reports Scientific American.

Animal Divorce: When and Why Pairs Break Up –Many species of birds and other vertebrates form pair bonds and mate with just one other individual for much of their lives. But the unions don’t always work out. Scientists want to know the underlying factors, reports The Scientist.

How a hybrid tree conquered the world. –Cities have always been hostile for trees – and they’re getting worse. reports  BBC Future. “In an unremarkable corner of London’s Cheapside district, tucked away behind black wrought-iron fencing, is one of the city’s oldest residents. With a towering frame and slightly stooped posture, capped with a broad thatch of leathery, star-shaped leaves, this venerable giant is thought to have presided over the city since at least the 18th Century.”

This Tick Can Make You Allergic to Meat, and It’s Spreading. Work on genetically modified pigs might provide a solution to the strange illness, reports Scientific American.

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