Humans are the Mind of the Cosmos to The Unnerving Origin of Technosignatures (Heard in the Milky Way)


ESO Observatories


This week’s “Heard in the Milky Way” offers audio and video talks and interviews with leading astronomers and astrophysicists that range from Would Data from an Alien Intelligence be Lethal for Us to Neal Stephenson on  Sci-Fi, Space, Aliens, AI and the Future of Humanity to Is Alien Life Weirder than We Think, and much more. This new weekly feature, curated by The Daily Galaxy editorial staff, takes you on a journey with stories that change our knowledge of Planet Earth, our Galaxy, and the vast Cosmos beyond.  Highly recommended for insomniacs.

“We are the Mind of the Cosmos”–Dartmouth Physicist Marcelo Gleiser Contemplates Humanity’s Central Role in the Cosmos


Alien life: What would constitute “smoking gun” evidence? –Multiple lines of evidence — physical, chemical, and biological — must converge for scientists to conclude that alien life has been found, reports this Big Think podcast.

The Unnerving Origin of Technosignatures with Astrophysicist Caleb Scharf.Would data from an Alien intelligence be lethal for us? Caleb Scharf joins John Michael Godier to discuss how our data, and data from other intelligent civilizations is alive, known as the dataome. 


Dark Energy May Not Be the Cosmological Constant as Theorized by Einstein


Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

Did all life begin from a single, ancient cell? asks Ethan Siegel for Big Think. Probably not. Even though we’re still investigating the origin of life, the evidence suggests that cells came much later.

Neal Stephenson: Sci-Fi, Space, Aliens, AI, VR & the Future of Humanity –“Neal Stephenson is a sci-fi writer (Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and new book Termination Shock), former Chief Futurist at Magic Leap and first employee of Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin”|

Image credit top of page: ESO Observatories, Chile.

Curated by The Daily Galaxy Editorial Staff

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